Secret courtyard


Before: overgrown and unloved with nowhere to sit

Before: The garden was unused, somewhat overgrown and was dominated by a large conifer close to the house. In addition, there were unsightly warehouses to the rear of the property and a top priority for the client was to screen these. The client also wanted a garden that was full of plants, with a secluded area to sit so they could enjoy the garden. The garden also needed to be in keeping with the property, a Victorian cottage.


After: a wooden pergola and trellis work provide a focal point, a growing space for plants and, importantly, somewhere to sit

Design Solution: A group of 3 Betula utilis var. jacquemontii were planted at the rear of the garden to draw attention away from the warehouses. Climbers were also planted along the new rear trellis which would in time grow up to help conceal the buildings. The garden was divided up into ‘compartments’ using trellis panels, to create a series of interlinked spaces – a dining area with pergola, a place to sit in the sun, a compost area etc. Stone paths with brick and cobble insets created routes around the garden and the garden was planted in a contemporary cottage style, mixing traditional plants such as lavender, roses and geraniums with bamboos, fatsias and grasses to give a lush feel.