Hampton Court 2005 Bronze Medal

hc05planAfter our success in 2004, Janette Dollamore of Running Hare Garden Design and I returned to Hampton Court with another show garden designed for the charity CHASE hospice care for children which is based in Guildford, Surrey.

About the Garden: When we set about designing the show garden for CHASE Hospice care for children we took our inspiration from the work done by the organisation and from their underlying philosophy. The result was The Journey of the Senses Garden .

Hospice: lodging for travellers, a place for travellers to rest on a journey

Smart, contemporary and fun, the idea was that the garden could be enjoyed by all and aimed to explore the possibilities of using materials still infrequently used in domestic gardens.  Due to the connection with CHASE Hospice Care for Children lots of ‘celebrities’ visited the garden on Press day.  We also met the Sophie the Duchess of Wessex patron of the charity when she visited the garden.  Spot the celebs in the pictures below: